Rebekah Faith is an up and coming Pittsburgh based artist focusing on singing, art, and creative writing.


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trapped in a game of peoplechess
lost in a land of confusion
sifting through bits and pieces of life
trying to shatter the grand illusion

memories wafting from an open door
while queens and kings push me away
my peers, as pawns, are shrouded from truth
as the kings and queens continue to play

manipulated in a game of peoplechess
each new move controlling my life
a woven smokescreen concealing freedom
through widdled lies from a carving knife

trapped in a game of peoplechess
of smokescreens, lies and shadows
pull up the curtain and see nothing more
than razzle-dazzle floor shows

a wicker bridge to a shaky future
does one dare to cross?
the only avenue out for me
is to take a chance at loss.

corrosion of conformity
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Loki in Captain Keno's
Wandering a road to nowhere
two travelers sojourn around
as hunger ensues they stop for a rest
at a restaurant in the wake of a small town.

They step inside, the world stands still
Nostalgia everywhere surrounds
The ingenue boy takes their order
his familiar manner dumbfounds

The food is served - a simple meal
Yet pleases their palates well-bred
The travelers could surely fare no better
for less than a pack of reds.

A stranger approaches, handsome & free
with a smile that charms reason from rhyme
he sits down next to the gent and says
"Its Ziggy Marley time"

The traveler pretends not to listen,
Won't give the stranger his due
an easier target is elsewhere
so the stranger quickly withdrew

A happy couple sits two seats behind
the stranger thirsts after them
within barely a minute of time
a drink is hurled at the man

The woman gets up and storms outside
her man pursues in passion
bottles and bricks are thrown about
screams pierce the air and glass is broken.

The stranger - lo his work not done
looks for more people to charm
finds his way to the back of the bar
and out of the travellers' harm

The travellers, having finished their meal
stroll briskly outside to leave
spot a stranded soul fixing a tire
and shiver in the air they perceive

a local drunk steps into the night
to taunt the stranded lemming
"He's trying to be a man" says he
another storm is surely brewing

Next to the drunk stands the handsome man
with a smile that's calm and mire
happy to see the heated sparks fly
content to cause another fire

The travellers walk away from them
while Loki stands about
what happens next remains untold
but waking chaos is no doubt

Loki was in Captain Keno's today
spreading sorrows and fanning fears
the world outside oblivious while
Chaos invisible appears

Workman's Hero

a winsome bunch of baloons
which have finally broken free
struggles whilst tossed about
at the ventillation's mercy

carried up and away
as far as they can go
trapped on the ceiling
with nothing more to show

A friendly, weather-worn man
behind a desk is crowded
seeing his balloons no more
his ripened vision is clouded

the steady stream of tasks
first one and then another
undaunting for over ten years
his forgotten dreams they smother

Yet still he sits diligent
his job, always well done
tempering daily dedication
with not an ounce of fun

the workman's weekly hero is plagued
with weary knees and faulty back
a meager check of mere pennies
a stronger man would surely crack

Twinkling eyes through a worn smile
while his health is fading so slow
trapped on the ceiling of his career
with nothing more to show.


Stuck in a sea of hopelessness
Fighting my way
Out of the maelstrom
Watching it all disappear.

The light is creeping in
like a mist overtaking the sea
a hint of truth and greatness
whispering softly to me

illumination through the faults
sharing sadness opens doors
intangible in its nature
yet high above, an answer soars

scaling the walls of darkness
truth tumbling down its sides
a new hope brightens the hour
in innocence it confides

A spotless cloth hangs in the wind
tossed to and fro
at the mercy of the elements
and which way the wind will blow

trusting the is a reason
greater than simple fates
the last door is opened
and the light permeates

shackles of smoke
whispers of hope
suffer the months of lonliness
for the chance of a new beginning

-happy to be lonely

hiding thorns behind rose petals
emotions frozen in ice
any decision loses all

no releif from the grief
no peace in my heart
what is best for all
kills my chance to dream

what must you give up
so that others may be happy?

life is suffering
love is painful
fading into sleep
the problems drift away

Candy Apples
I long for understanding
as I slowly slip away
I long for empathy
as I shiver in the dark
I long for compassion
as I reach for your heart
I long to be treated human

You look right though me
You self-absorbed pile of shit
Seeing only what you need
To collect your precious candy apples
What is glazed over,
Yet still rotten to the core?

I sit here on the ground
on the corner right where you live
Wrapped in dirty swaddling clothes
Protected by a chainmail of fears

I chant aloud at the world
Yet you do not hear
You step right over me
As I prophesize a warning for you.

When you look past the end of your nose
Into the world beyond.
See Me.
I am here.

What do you care?
You have your home
your life, your family?

What do you care?
about disease, destruction
and poverty?

What do you care if I died tomorrow?
What do you care if I end my torment?
What do you care if I EXPLODE!
As long as I don't take you with me?

She can't walk
But you don't care
He can't see
But you don't care
They need help
But you don't care
Shut us out
To live happily.

Waking Chaos
Wandering in the recesses of my mind
confronting my inner child
Capturing the art of seclusion
Stealing away in solitude

Whispering thoughts hinting at death
cursing the life before
each seperate tier of id
closing each and every door

waking chaos permeates

Keeping clear the wasted end
Slowly rotting in the wasted time
flailing wildly at the prospect
of starting again.

Lost in a dream of wanton desire
searching for something to make me complete
waking up to closed doors
Staring silence in the face.
A quiet curse spreading
This way its heading
Soaking blood into
Everything that's good

Scream my heart out
Till my throat is torn out
and my lungs are spent
any my body collapses

This world is dying
All around me
Yet I am chosen
To live for now.

Question the reason
We can't live free
We're shoulder to shoulder
In misery

Locked in repression
By our own chains
Sit by & do nothing
While the world falls apart.

Dead & Walking
Walking through life
Stoned to my feelings
Just taking what is offered

Sadness creeps in
Desperate lonliness
Immobilized in desolation

Squeezing every ounce
of life out of me
No hope for happiness

My body fighting
Every learned more
Fighting to break free

Instinctively watching
As others pass by
Can they possibly feel the same?

As life drones on
I see no response
I assume I am Alone.

I have one option
I must break free
I cannot live like this

I am different
I am not what you see
I can't be what you want me to be

I can feel this body dying
All around me.

Rambling Thoughts
Quench my thirst
for new adventure
race down the highway
headed for calamity

Wishing for reasons to live

Cowering behind a facade of emptiness
watch the master at work

Where is your pride now?
Strewn in the gutter
with filthy money
acceptance with ignorance
of a job well done

Heart aches to live - to be free
To throw off the weight of your misery

Fight for life
Fight for freedom
Fight for the right
To rest your head at night.

Her life is being painted for her as she watches from behind frozen glass
She takes a couple of shots of mind-numbing juice and stares into oblivion
Inhaling noxious fumes as the nicotene caresses her body
thrusting her fists in as she tries to force her way to the other side.
She rides in silence down a faded highway towards an aged destination as the trees blow in no breeze
She does not care that the world is flat
perilous warnings are abandonded.
To dive over the edge into oblivion would be paradise.

Lost change from pockets
Lost chances
Lost the opportunity to sing with a street musician
Lost love.

Falling into the rain
wasting away into the dust
coming back again
to renew myself in trust

See me wonder why
see my watching you
see me pass on by
see my follow through

turn to the distance
as I follow the wind
wantching ever after
as you follow me again

Keeping the secrets of day
wandering farther away
looking into the future
as it fades into day

To make a choice
Choices beckoning,
decisions I could make that could change my life forever

I'm in pain
I want to change but which road is best?

I'm not happy
I feel so alone. Stop following me!

Wating for a sign
To know which way to turn - which life to choose.

Castrated by my safe routine,
My resentment & anger build.

Unfinished business
What time do you have left
And how will you use it
What will you say
If the great accountant weilds his scythe tomorrow?

What will you miss
What haven't you done?
If given the chance to return -
What will you do first?

How much longer will you wait for happiness to find you
Wile it is only hiding behind the next door?
Can you find it in yourself
to turm the handle and step through?
What is the threshold made of -
that holds you back?

When life slaps you in the face,
Its so easy to run the other cheek
And return to your routine

Get some balls
Grow a spine
Act on your instincts
Jump in the icy water -
without care for concequnce.

Can't control
this seething rage inside
Tapped under ice,
frozen, drowning

Can't break free,
can't live in my cage
Bound by agression,
Swelling, Spreading

Life carved away
to chuck in the bin
robotic motions
controlling me

A skeleton remains
of my hopes and dreams
Living each day,
Dying, Dying.

Cyclical Rain
Keeping time with the jester's dance
Searing pain feeding on my will to live
Creeping vines entagling my life
Feathering the way around my throat

Binding my arms & legs with fear
each tendril scorching my flesh
cascading through rhythms of hope
Silken garments clinging to the finality of truth
Fighting certain obsolencence.

Waking up in pain
running around with

nowhere to call your home
Sending out a sign
Shivering cold inside
confusion rotting my mind

What's it all about?
Who is going to live?
Where is the final hour?
and why is the fighting going on?

Wonder where the rain is falling
Wonder if the priest is calling
what do you have to give
When you can no longer
give yourself.

can you feel the void
its creeping in again
ready to take me away
posessing me - obsessing me
suggering against the grain
vicious child infllicting her wound
cascading sorrow infiltrating my lost soul
wait till the persecution starts
sitting around as the sun fades away
watching in vain as the world spins along
can you take the stagnant idleness?
collating thoughts between stale emotions
wondering what the end will bring
my head is spinning
stop the confusion
my head is spinning....
scattered thoughts....

Walking the Road
Scratching at the surface
While the road beckons forward
And my feet push on

Crawling ever forward
While my music's Playing
So you waltz along

Keeping the faith & Wandering free
Walking into the wind
Stopping for nothing, nobody
Glancing around the bend

Working at freedom in a storm
dodging each sudden end
gasping for breatch alluding me
To start it all again

What can you tell me
About the future at hand?
What can you tell me
About the future of man

Where do I stand?

I found an exhillerating path
marked by the hand of death
I long to travel its route
swallow its intoxicating breath

Denying each clear warning
forcing my own way though
a bitter pill to swallow
that the markings remain true

My soul cries out, my eyes burn
At the grand injustice I see
fighting to cal the raging voice
screaming inside of me

angry at the wizened gods
for tearing my freedon away
the choice I see, is not mine
so trapped in misery I stay

I close my eyes, I clench my fists
I walk straight ahead
burning knives of insolence
piecing my pretty head

returning to my passionless life
sadness penetrates my soul
donning my bravest moxie mask
to play my destined role.

Poetry exercise:
To write in the style of another poet.

Poet: Adam Zagajewski My Work: Rebekah Faith
Title: The Greenhouse

Title: Fluffy Pink Bunnies

In a small black town, your town
where even trains linger unwilling,
anxious to be on their way
in a park, defying the soot and shadows,
a gray building stands lined with mother-of pearl.

Forget the snow, the frosts's repeated blows;
inside you're greeted by a damp anthology of breezes
and the enigmatic whispers of vast leaves
coiled like lazy snakes. Even an Egyptologist couldn't make them out.

Forget the sadness of dark stadiums and streets,
the weight of thwarted Sundays.
Accept the wam breath wafting from the plants.
The gentle scent of faded lighting engulfs you, beckoning you on.

In a small black life, your life
where even the darkest thoughts linger unwilling,
anxious to be on their way
In your heart denying hopes and wishes
a crumbling spirit stands protected by diamond studded chain-mail.

Forget the love, the friends who come and go;
Inside you're plagued by a hurricane
and the silent whipers of ancestors long gone - too apathetic to care.
Even a million dollars couldn't change the past.

Forget the bitter cold days to come, the monotonous grind of life;
accept the small green gem left behind in pandora's box
the gentle reminder that there is hope.

Dream Lost Dream
The taunting aroma of a dream
Secretly haunts my mind
Ensnares me in its tangled web
To everything else I am blind

Can't keep my eyes off the prize
following its melodic call
dancing around the landmines
watching others as they fall

Rotting away my other desires
It becomes my only lust
The golden key at last within reach
Just as my life turns to dust.

Lost my dream, in a dream
As the clock is ticking away
Lost my dream, in a dream
As the night fades into day


Castle Inside
Waking up from a fire
the flames renew my soul
like phoenix reborn in ashes
my body is finally whole

a circle of comfort surrounds me
as I travel with new ability
stepping from the shadows
a beautiful reborn entity

warming my feet in the tepid sand
as the waves creep into my heart
the sun engulfs my body
caressing each and every part

within a long forgotten castle
lies a room without a wall
a door once pushed aside
opens to a great banquet hall

watching another sunset
the wind whispering away
feeling the voice of laviathan
calling for a new day

You've shown me a world
of endless potential
and proven your strength
to follow its roads.

Your example wakes
an unrested soul
And for the first time
I see the sun rise.

So I travel and toil,
and follow my own path
grateful for the tools
you have given me.

I spend each day
harvesting the stars
Yet still I yearn
For something more...

Every time I feel the strength
of my new feet -
Every time I have a thought
with my new mind -
Every time I see the beauty
of my new world -
I long to share it with you.

My soul is wandering astray
changing into the demon I despised
I watch myself
slowly fade away

whispering words of fear
praying for a new day
cautioning each new step
wandering free again

can you take something you want
can you be passionate
about life and the things you need
can you make yourself a god

working for the brass ring
savoring each road block
waiting for the chance
to take advantage again

Killing myself in time
wandering the void
waiting for the end

Arrested Spirit
I sit alone waiting for dawn
Searching from within
Lights go on one by one
As the new day begins

People rising to their world
The last of the darkness gone
Bursting forth to forge their future
As I slowly move on

Wandering atop the tallest mountain
my spirit caged and repressed
Blind to the beauty which surrounds me
Every day depressed

A mist of melancholy encroaches
As a hand grips my heart
Squeezing the life out of me
Tearing me apart

Arrested to my spirit
I grieve to get away
As the scorching sun caresses my skin
I dissolve into day.

Magazine Lies
plastic people powered by displaced emotion
stuttering at the eloquence of the silver screen
withering away behind a shroud of misunderstanding
cascading identies fading from the pages of a magazine

anger bound by temperance
clawing at the eyes of justice
seeking refuge within the faded passage of time
passing silently though countless victims
snatching a new host