Workman's Hero

a winsome bunch of baloons
which have finally broken free
struggles whilst tossed about
at the ventillation's mercy

carried up and away
as far as they can go
trapped on the ceiling
with nothing more to show

A friendly, weather-worn man
behind a desk is crowded
seeing his balloons no more
his ripened vision is clouded

the steady stream of tasks
first one and then another
undaunting for over ten years
his forgotten dreams they smother

Yet still he sits diligent
his job, always well done
tempering daily dedication
with not an ounce of fun

the workman's weekly hero is plagued
with weary knees and faulty back
a meager check of mere pennies
a stronger man would surely crack

Twinkling eyes through a worn smile
while his health is fading so slow
trapped on the ceiling of his career
with nothing more to show.