Warrior Spirit

She sits at peace and waits for the wind
It guides her to her heart
Where deep underneath a spirit lies
Ready to wake again

Her past deliberately laid to rest
Her future calls ahead
The warrior spirit dare not budge
Until the moment is there

Her spirit rises to meet the day
Her staff held high above
The wind calls out gently to her soul
And tells her to go ahead

Charging across the goldenrod plains
She is the stallion horse
There is no man, nor god nor bear
Who's power could near compare

A tower of fire proceeds her there
Lightning follows her heels
Her ring of destruction runs through the land
To clear it for worlds anew

It is, as was, will be predicted
The purest of heart will win
And as each foe is fallen to rest
in her they never will die

Another conquest now accomplished
She calls into the wind
With sacred blood painting her hands
She raises her staff again.

-Rebekah Faith