Why I Love The Turtle

In ancient eastern beliefs the world is carried on the back of a turtle through the universe. Also - the turtle is at home wherever it goes. It takes its home with it, and therefore is the pentultimate sojourner. Let me say that again. It is at home wherever it goes. It is not racing off to the next adventure, or searching 'round the next corner for happiness. It is the ultimate "being." It moves through life slowly, enjoying every moment. And it is humble and close to the ground. Not to mention, "There's good eating on one of those!" - Terry Pratchett (Small Gods)

A part of me would find it fitting if I were to get a turtle tatoo on my shoulderblades, to show the turtle and therefore the weight of the world on my shoulders; and hinting at a further parallel of being the happy and content wandering traveller. But I am a woman, and therefore, by design, entitled to change my mind. This is why I have no tatoos.

-Rebekah Faith