The Knight  

There was a white knight in bold shining armor
passing through a war torn town
he spots a damsel covered in ashes
and sees no other help around

He stops, dusts her off, speaks gentle words
the damsel gratefully obeys
He lifts her atop his tall white horse
and carries her off and away

he takes her home, gives her a bath
and beautiful new garments to wear
he prepares for her his most elaborate meal
and brushes and sets her long flowing hair

He brings her before the king of the land
on the very next festival day
the king of the land thanks the knight
for returning his prodigal stray

The one in distress transformed to a maiden
The noble knight must be on his way
Tho his heart is heavy, his work is done
His life ahead, a brand new day

The maiden from her bedroom window
watches the knight disappear
her heart indebted to the noble one
his safety she guards with an enchanted tear.

-Rebekah Faith