On Self-Esteem
-what I learned in life today...

One of my wiser friends said today, that self-esteem is all about the relationship you have with yourself. How you treat yourself when nobody else is looking. This is something that I've been trying to write down for a few days, and finally, thanks to my friend; I have the words. If you are the type of person that has dreams (and we all do) and you make yourself goals to meet that dream (which some of us do) and you make yourself promises to keep those goals (which a few of us do) and you go back on those promises, you are telling yourself that you don't love yourself. No matter what justification you can give yourself for eating that extra piece of cake, having that extra beer, dodging that assignment, skipping that walk, watching TV instead of doing that research, skipping the practice; you still know that you broke your promise to yourself and you still have to sleep with yourself at night. Justification ONLY DAMAGES your self-esteem. The more you justify, the lower you grow.

The best way, I've found to build myself back up is little by little, not everything overnight. Its a slow process. But to start small and build up from there. Just remember to make promises that can be KEPT. A couple of little promises a week. Start there and start small. Start small and grow. The more times I don't have that extra whatever "that no one will know about" - The better I feel about myself. Thus, the higher my self-esteem grows.

-Rebekah Faith