On Purpose
-what I learned in life today...

You are your purpose. No one can steer you away from what you are supposed to be. For example, I found it funny how it seemed I remained happy as long as I kept my "selfish" dreams and goals of travelling the world utmost in my mind. Whenever I got to thinking - "how does living my dreams of seeing the world do enough good to justify my existence in it" - it caused me to get all cloudy about my purpose.

Well, How about this for an answer?
When I travel to different places, I will meet and influence many different people. And they will influence me. Maybe that *IS* my purpose. Maybe that's all I need to do in life, to do the good I was meant to do. Maybe the travel and exchange of ideas is my purpose and therefore justifies my existence. I know I have been put here for some reason, and I have this dream, so in following my dreams, I do the good I was meant to do.

Life is easy! As long as you remember that its inevitable that you will ALWAYS do what you're supposed to do.
No matter that it doesn't seem so at the time..

-Rebekah Faith