On Energies
- The Universal Stream of Life and Consciousness

What I learned in life today:

What makes a seed into a plant? Not the carbon or Hydrogen atoms, not the bits of fertilization, but the actual energy itself is what makes the seed become the plant. The same energy that's been in this world forever, and will never disappear. (According to the law of conservation of energy.) The energy was always there. Right now it just happens to be making a plant.

The same energy that is inside of that seed is inside of me. An energy that's been in the universe for as long as the universe has existed. Through this energy, I share a connection with Leonardo Da Vinci, Ben Franklin, and all of the other humans/animals and things alive and dead on this planet. They are all part of me.

What this means to me is that I am no longer a "misfit" I am here, and so I belong here. I grew out of the earth, because the energies in the earth (or god) wanted me here.

Is is possible that if I am connected to everything. I can draw from this limitless potential any time I wish? Is it possible, like some believe, to call the energies to me, and be a co-creator of my world? That remains for a future pondering.

So within myself is a spiritual connection to the energies that guide and create the universe. How magnificent! How peaceful. How strong. How beautiful.

-Rebekah Faith