On Creation and Desctruction
- the endless cycles

What I learned in life today:

When you have an idea in your head, you have created. When you write it down, you give it the breath of life. Once it is out of your head, the potential is there for it to live. You can take that idea and run with it, or else someone else can find your script years later and put it to good (or bad) use. The point remains when an idea is free, it lives. You have created. Unfortunately, It is exponentially easier to destroy than create. The party decorations come down so much easier than they go up. What must be remembered is that the cycle that begins is an endless cycle. One destruction dominoes to another, one creation creates another. It is an endless cycle - from the beginning of time until the end. (Which there can only be an end of time, if the destructive cycle is spinning faster than the creative cycle.) So anything that is done, must be done with consciousness and awareness - lest one destroys while trying to create.

-Rebekah Faith

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