Loki in Captain Keno's

Wandering a road to nowhere
two travelers sojourn around
as hunger ensues they stop for a rest
at a restaurant in the wake of a small town.

They step inside, the world stands still
Nostalgia everywhere surrounds
The neophyte lad takes their order
his familiar manner dumbfounds

The food is served - a simple meal
Yet pleases their palates well-bred
The travelers could surely fare no better
for less than a pack of reds.

A stranger approaches, handsome & free
with a smile that charms reason from rhyme
he sits down next to the gent and says
"Its Ziggy Marley time"

The traveler pretends not to listen,
Won't give the stranger his due
an easier target is elsewhere
so the stranger quickly withdrew

A happy couple sits two seats behind
the stranger thirsts after them
within barely a minute of time
a drink is hurled at the man

The woman gets up and storms outside
her man pursues in passion
bottles and bricks are thrown about
screams pierce the air and glass is broken.

The stranger - lo his work not done
looks for more people to charm
finds his way to the back of the bar
and out of the travellers' harm

The travellers, having finished their meal
stroll briskly outside to leave
spot a stranded soul fixing a tire
and shiver in the air they perceive

a local drunk steps into the night
to taunt the stranded lemming
"He's trying to be a man" says he
another storm is surely brewing

Next to the drunk stands the handsome man
with a smile that's calm and mire
happy to see the heated sparks fly
content to cause another fire

The travellers walk away from them
while Loki stands about
what happens next remains untold
but waking chaos is no doubt

Loki was in Captain Keno's today
spreading sorrows and fanning fears
the world outside oblivious while
Chaos invisible appears

-Rebekah Faith